Miss Leland - Belville


Who is eligible:  Females ages 0 - 18 who want to represent the Leland-Belville area.  AND males ages 0 - 18

What kind of pageant is this:  This is a natural pageant. Girls ages 0 - 12 should wear a nice church dress, Easter Dress or Flower girl dress. The dress should not touch the floor.  Girls ages 13 - 18 should wear a formal (prom type) dress.  It should be long.

What are the required categories:  The required categories are Beauty (Dress) and the Outfit of Choice is Camo Wear.  (anything camo)

How much is it to enter: $75 to enter

Males: Suit or Tux and Camo Wear

Are there optional categories: No, there will only be divisional winners.

How does a girl get crowned Ambassador:  The contestant in the pageant who raises the most money for the CIS Teddy Hiatt Scholarship will be crowned Ambassador..  The Ambassador will present the "Big Check" to the CIS Directors and assist in presenting the check to the NBHS Scholarship Recipient.  Checks can be made directly to CIS-Teddy Hiatt Scholarship.

When is the deadline to apply:  September 21 all applications and Ambassador money must be turned in

Is this an "Open or Closed" title:  This is an open title.

Mandatory  Group Appearances for Queens:

* Leland Founders Day  (September) * Belville Founders Day ( May) * Leland Christmas Parade (December) * Leland NC Trunk or Treat  (October) *  Navassa Homecoming Parade (July)*  

The Kings can make appearances with the queens if they would like to do so. :)